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We are Trained Professionals

At many places that say they do taxes, they don’t! They have an interview form that people fill out and the clerk sends it off to someone else to do the taxes.

Shouldn’t you get professional services when you are paying a professional fee? Absolutely. At Fast Cash / Express Tax Place we are all trained tax professionals. We get training and have a strong support staff to be sure your tax needs are being met.

Available at Burlington IA and Muscatine IA location.

What to bring in:

  • Income Statements (W2, Unemployment, 1099R)
  • Interest and Dividend statements
  • Social Security Statements
  • IDs
  • And any other tax documentation you may have received.
  • Last years tax return

Electronic filing – For Sure!

All returns are electronically filed. What’s important here is that we review your return at least three times before it is filed. Then we have a proven system for making sure your tax return is followed up on. If your return is rejected, we let you know right away and take care of the situation.

Refund Loans

Well not many places can legally do loans on their refunds. If they are offering loans on refunds, the fees are crazy high. We do offer you a great way to file your return and not pay anything upfront. If you do want some money upfront ask about our rebate packages!

Hire a professional or DIY

With all the people advertising for online taxes and how easy it is why don’t you do it yourself? Well here is why. You need to have experienced people who have a great system to process return. This way when you have doubt, you can count on your people.

I don’t change the tires on my car just because they sell them at Wal-Mart. I always have a professional install and check my tires.

I can do it
File Online
If you are experienced at tax preparation and you are not worried about an audit, we do have a solution for you. Yes it’s cheaper, but you have to do it all yourself and you have all the worry.

We are open year round!