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Money Transfers

Money transfers are for when you need to send or receive money instantly. Maybe you are in an emergency and a family member is going to be sending you money. The mail may take too long, or you won’t be able to cash the check they send you. If they send you the money through Western Union you would be receiving the money immediately and you would leave the store with the cash in your pocket, no check. It is quick and convenient.

You can start your Western Union transaction and finish at the store with cash.

Fast Cash of America, Inc. offers Western Union to all of our customers. Western Union is the largest leading money transfer company with over 350,000 worldwide locations. Western Union is at the top in reliability and has the largest network of all the money transfer companies. Fast cash of America, Inc. is with Western Union because our customers deserve the best.

Sending money is just as convenient as receiving it. It’s a great way to send the money to someone you know. With locations everywhere you will be able to send them money almost everywhere.

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