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2016 Loans Outlook

As the new year begins, it always comes with some changes. As an election year you just never know what is in store. Well except for political commercials and lots of mailers.

Fast Cash of America is committed to the new year and keeping your financial choices alive. When the federal government introduced the CFPB they allowed the office to make regulations as they see fit. The CFPB is now tarketing your choice when it comes to where and how you can get loans. They want to limit how many loans you can do and limit what we can charge. Our fees have not increased since we went into business in 1998. What other business do you know that has not increased their fees in 18 years? Payday loans are simple products that customers use to mange their finances. So why does the government need to tell you what is right when it comes to you choice. Maybe the government thinks you cannot mange your money without them.

In any case we are here working with industry experts and state officials to make sure we can continue to give you a choice.